This is our vision!

To bring the real taste of supreme quality spices at affordable rates to all varieties of cuisines made in the kitchens of India.

This is our mission!

To build a prestigious presence in the life of every foodie and make our spices reach to the spice box of every Indian kitchen as well as across the globe.

The roller coaster journey that brings us here!

In the year 1940, two brothers- Shri Munshi Lal ji and Shri Panna Lal ji started a spice shop in the always buzzing Rawat Pada, Johri Bazaar, Agra and traded different types of spices in the historical city. After 60 years, in the year 2000, Munshi Panna Masala Udhyog was established under the prestigious brand name Munshi Panna Spices.

The one where the second generation gave wings to the business growth

Shri Vishnu Kumar Goyal, son of Shri Panna Lal ji, took charge of the business as the Chairman of Munshi Panna Spices. His mission is to provide the finest quality spices that not just deliver the authentic taste but also various health benefits. He wanted to carry the legacy of his father and therefore decided to manufacture and supply the spices under the same brand name- Munshi Panna Spices. For him, quality control is something that is completely in their hands and he wouldn’t let any batch that’s does not adhere to the quality standards to reach the packaging stage. This ideology has helped the brand gain the unwavering trust of customers.

And then the third generation took over the reins

Shri Nitin Goyal, the elder son of Shri Vishnu Kumar Goyal is the chairman of Munshi Panna Spices. In the year 2006, he built a strong network of 200 distributors with a goal to spread the company’s reach beyond Agra across various nearby districts.

His younger brother, Shri Sachin Kumar Goyal, is taking forward their grandfather’s legacy of the Munshi Panna spice shop in Rawat Pada, Johri Bazaar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh with a renewed vision.

Rising up the steps on the ladder of success

After achieving major benchmarks with over 20 years of valuable experience in the spice industry, Munshi Panna Spices was able to hold a position of one of the leading spice manufacturers of India. From a team of 7 people to a team of 3000+ distributors and 200+ skilled workers, from selling spices in the city of Agra to now selling it majorly across 4 diverse states- Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, Munshi Panna Spices became a popular brand and has made its special space in the heart of every chef.

An amalgamation of tradition and technology

Bringing the rich flavours of the safest spice range from the ground to your kitchen!

We began our business journey with grinding the spices manually. Soon the demand rose and we switched over to the most advanced automatic machines from Germany that not only automates the whole process in a more effective and hygienic way but also ensures maintenance of quality and safety standards.

Procuring raw materials and removing impurities

We select the best of vendors for picking raw materials. We carefully inspect and clean each and every package to ensure that no amount of dust or minute impurities are left in them.

Roasting and grinding

Firstly, we roast all our spices in a heat induced hi-tech machinery. This ensures that the rich natural flavour and original colour of spices is retained. The heat from the machinery further ensures deep purification of spices.
After roasting, the spices are grinded well using advanced technology machinery in a temperature-controlled environment so that the spices don’t lose on to their flavour.

Metal detector , package leakproof, long self life.

Final cleaning and packaging
Advanced metal detectors and safety screen are used to remove any kind of impurities like stones, metal fillings or dust from the spices. Finally, to ensure a long shelf life of the spices, they are packed in tamper-proof packs. The design of these packs adds convenience in terms of storage and usage.
The final products are then dispatched from the warehouse and are dropped at the destination.

Natural. Unadulterated. Certified. Quality Assured.

Our hard work has brought in many laurels!

Zero compromise on quality, zero compromise on taste. 

Zero compromise on quality, zero compromise on taste. 

Zero compromise on quality, zero compromise on taste. 

Zero compromise on quality, zero compromise on taste. 

Zero compromise on quality, zero compromise on taste. 

Zero compromise on quality, zero compromise on taste. 

Zero compromise on quality, zero compromise on taste. 

Zero compromise on quality, zero compromise on taste. 

Zero compromise on quality taste

All the products are carefully packed and handled as per the specifications laid down by AGMARK.

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